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Benchmarking & Resources

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How well is your surplus properties program performing?

Complete the Surplus Property Roundtable (SPR) Benchmarking Survey to increase your understanding of how your company’s program compares to some of the largest companies in North America and the processes they use to divest redundant assets for redevelopment.

What is the SPR Benchmarking Survey all about?

The Benchmarking Survey is designed to evaluate your company’s maturity in seven topic areas:

• Portfolio Information

• Benefits/Value Management

• Portfolio Strategy

• Risk Management

• Supplier Engagement

• Management of Long-Term Liabilities

• Market Strategies


Who can participate in the Benchmarking Survey?

Until recently, the survey was only available to members of the SPR organization. But now non-members who want to access key insights and assess performance alongside some of the largest companies across multiple industries can participate!


Not ready to complete the SPR Benchmarking Survey?

That’s okay! If you sign up for the SPR mailing list, we’ll send you more information quarterly about the survey and industry leading insights that can help improve your program.

Now that the SPR Benchmarking Survey is available to both members and non-members, you can come back here to get started on your Benchmarking Survey any time!


Have questions?

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I’m ready to complete my survey!

After you complete the questions in the concise survey, your results will be aggregated and normalized across all the other participants. For just $3,500, you’ll receive a customized benchmarking report highlighting key areas of excellence, opportunities for improvement, and invaluable information about industry best practices.

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“Alcoa constantly strives to achieve best in class processes and operations across its Business and Resource

Units. The SPR and the benchmarking exercise conducted by a third-party consultant has been a tremendous

benefit to our real estate and environmental remediation groups in identifying areas to improve and providing

quantitative comparisons to companies with similar asset and liability portfolios.”

– Mark Stiffler, Alcoa Corp


"BP has found the Benchmarking Assessment an invaluable tool to help understand what others in the industry are doing and how we can improve our processes. It also demonstrates some extremely insightful and useful best practices out there from which we can learn."
- Jime Schaeffer, Property Divestment Manager, BP


“The SPR Benchmarking Survey was quite valuable. It helped us gain insights

into other companies’ best practices, allowing us to target improvements that are translating to results.”

-David Harnish, Surplus Property Manager, PG&E



The Surplus Property Roundtable (SPR) is the national leader in the sustainable management, disposition and reuse of corporate-owned surplus and environmentally impaired real estate assets.